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3D Entertainment Summit 2011 - Los Angeles

News Release
3D Entertainment Summit
Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA
20-22 September 2011


iPONT to exhibit ‘live' 3D broadcast technologies on glasses-free 3D TV

Glasses-free 3D innovator to showcase real-time 3D broadcast technologies for the total immersive entertainment experience

Los Angeles - 20 September, 2011 - iPONT USA, an innovator and technology partner in the glasses-free 3D market, today at 3D Entertainment Summit 2011 introduced the second generation of its breakthrough 3D without glasses system, which gives viewers the most convincing and immersive 3D-viewing experience to date. iPONT USA will demonstrate a 3D TV Box, which converts any stereo 3D source, including ‘live' 3D broadcasts, in real-time for viewing on a 3D without glasses screen.

The demonstration by the glasses-free innovator aims to prove that without-glasses 3DTV technologies have reached a level of maturity and quality acceptable to the consumer market. iPONT has developed a system that produces real-time 3D pictures that are both clean and crisp with breathtaking depth, and all without glasses.

"Glasses-free ‘real-time' 3DTV, without any noticeable processing delay, has been an industry challenge but we are close to delivering that premium-quality glasses-free 3D experience for the consumer in their living room," said Glen Harper, President of iPONT USA. "This year iPONT has participated in a number of high-profile ‘live' without-glasses 3DTV sports trials including the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and FC Barcelona, Wimbledon men's final and Haye VS Klitschko fight, where the technology came under scrutiny. Having learned much about both the technology and 3D broadcast content already our latest product generation is certain to mark a wave of glasses-free 3DTV technologies."

iPONT's 3D TV box technology, available as a set-top box and in the future as embedded technology converts any 3D with glasses content today (all 3D broadcast signals are currently broadcast this way) into auto-stereoscopic content for use on glasses-free 3D TVs and displays, in real-time. The 3D TV box can handle Internet, satellite, cable and terrestrial services that stream 3D content directly into the home or businesses.

"True ‘real-time' without-glasses 3D TV/display technology will bring to life visual experiences in shopping centres, airports, entertainment venues like sports bars and amusement parks as well as sports arenas," said Harper.


For more information, visit http://www.ipont3d.com/

3D Entertainment Summit: http://www.3d-summit.com/default.aspx



iPONT USA is an innovator and technology partner in the glasses-free (autostereoscopic) 3D market. The company serves both business and consumer markets. iPONT has a complete 3D turn-key solution for designing, distributing and displaying content.

For home entertainment enthusiasts, iPONT's set-top boxes convert any stereoscopic (with glasses) 3D content to autostereoscopic (without glasses) 3D format, in real-time from any incoming 3D feeds including satellite, cable and terrestrial services.

The company offers a complete multiplatform solution including 3D Blu-Ray integration, live 3D viewing from the Internet, and a back-end 3D broadcast solution to convert source content.

iPONT USA is based in Dallas, Texas.

Tamas Motajcsek | Marketing Director, iPONT | Tel: +36 (70) 457 5737 | tamas.motajcsek@ipont.com



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